Like many construction materials, concrete is measured and sold in cubic yards.  In the construction industry, you’ll hear people talking about how many yards of concrete they need, or how many yards they poured.  With a few measurements and some simple math, you can figure out how many yards of concrete you need for your project.

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Order too much concrete, and you waste money and face disposal problems.   Order too little and incur costs for coming up short on your concrete order, like paying your crew overtime or having to pay for a short load.

Another risk in not ordering enough is a cold joint.  A cold joint is an unpleasant appearing discontinuity between layers of concrete that occurs when one layer of concrete is allowed to harden before the rest of the concrete is poured in what is meant to be a single, solid body of concrete.

Steps to ordering enough concrete

  • Use the concrete calculator
  • Figure depths and widths as they have been built on the site, not based on what the plans indicate
  • Add a margin for error


To allow for possible errors in your estimate, as well as spillage or over-excavation, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association recommends adding an extra 10 to 15 percent to your total.

Concrete Calculator | Drake Ready Mix | Fort Myers Cement

Use the concrete calculator below as a quick and easy way to determine how much concrete you will need.